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In the Quinta da Vista Alegre, with 3 hc of beautiful gardens of lavender and Rosemary, with a dense vegetation of pine, plane trees and cypresses, one discovers the Hotel Lamego and the Villa Vista Alegre.

In 1924, began the construction of the Villa Vista Alegre, a work with magnificent and unique woodworking finishes, especially the ceilings in carved oak, all with different shapes and designs. The floors are of a unique artwork, with a colored hardwoods and an impressive craftsmanship. Today the Villa Vista Alegre opens for special services: five oclock tea, wine tasting, dinners for groups and guided tours.

Hotel Lamego, a 1996 building, adapted to the requirements of modern hospitality, is the ideal place to accommodate and hence discover Lamego and the Douro region, one of the most monumental cities of the country, and leave for the unique experiences in the oldest Demarcated Region of the world – the Douro.