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Rituals of Welfare

Intense hydration and remineralization - Anti-Fadigue Experience
Remineralizing treatment that helps eliminate stress and negative energies and restores balance to the body.
The treatment program is done with a foot bath in thermal water, body exfoliation with salts Spa, body mask based on Hematite and final massage with oil-based Malachite
(90-120 min./80€)

Revitalizing Program - Sapphire Experience
Truly valuable treatment that revitalizes, activates and stimulates the vital functions of the skin, creating a sense of perfect balance and wellness.
The body scrub is made with mineral salts and mask-based sapphire which provides a toned appearance to the skin massage with semiprecious gems will be a pleasant sensory experience.
(90-120 min./80€)

Wellness Program - Hypnosis Experience
Inspired by oriental techniques, allows entering the holistic philosophies through aromatherapy. Truly relaxing and rebalancing treatment that transports you to a moment of escape uniting body and mind.
The program combines a body bath, body exfoliation with Pell Indian Butter and a ritual massage, which is done with oil Tridosha where the chakras are stimulated with essential oils.
(90-120 min./65€)