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Massage Rituals

Massage Therapy and Descontracturant
Release your tensions in the back, in the face and in the feet through this massage with stretches and manipulations descontrature that provide an extreme welfare.
(45 min./35€)

Relaxing massage
Immerse yourself in the feeling of joining the body and mind and enjoy the escape of comfort and well-being. Realization of deep and relaxing maneuvers all over the body.
(45 min./40€)

Massage Gemo - Balance, Vitality and Energy by Semiprecious
Delicious sense of semiprecious gems, letting flow their energy while it massaging body zones.
(90 min./65€)

Aromatic Massage
The purpose of this oriental massage all over the body is holistic harmony, mental physical and emotional. Realization of pressures and stretches along the lines of energy channels.

Face, Neck and Scalp Massage
Aromatherapy massage based on Oriental techniques specifically developed to treat the areas of the head, face, neck and shoulders. Relieves tension and stress and promotes relaxation and deep relaxation.
(20 min./25€)

Mechanical therapy recommended for the treatment of cellulite, weight loss and detoxification, improving body contour relieve pain from swelling accelerates healing.
(30 min./22.50€)
8 Seções (140€)

Bamboo Sensations
Asian body massage with cream made from bamboo of India, lotus and water lily that gives a true relaxation and toning. This massage stimulates blood circulation and reduces tension zones of the body, creating a revitalizing effect and simultaneously a feeling of pure tranquility.
(45 min./50€)