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HL Face Programs

Hydration Treatment
Treatment directed to all skin types. Its action on the skin provides greater elasticity, regulates hydrataion levels and creates a soothing and velvety feel.

Anti Aging Treatment
Firmness and tonicity return the youth and beauty to the skin. This treatment helps combat flaccidity and reaffirm the skin of your face.

Balancing treatment
Treatment recommended for mixed and oily skin prone to obstructions with large pores, imperfections and oily T-zone. This combination helps to regulate and attenuate the sebaceous secretions leaving the skin visibly clean, purified with a greater balance and endurance.

Deep Cleaning Skin
Treatment that combines a deep cleaning, skin exfoliation and mask, which leaves toned and radiant, and a massage together with the application of cosmetics according to the skin type.
(120 min./45€)

Face Mask
This treatment consists in applying a specific mask according to skin type. The mask acts deeply into the skin leaving it with a balanced feeling of well-being.
(40 min./19.90€)

Exfoliation Face
Deep skin exfoliation through a combination of highly effective ingredients followed by a specific hydration according to the skin type.
(40 min./19.90€)