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Wedding planning

6-12 months before the wedding

Schedule a date

Search and book the reception venue

Start working out the wedding theme and style

Determine number of guests

4-5 months

Select and purchase your bridal accessories and the wedding gown

Search for the wedding pros – photographers, videographers, reception band ou DJs, ceremony musicians

Confirm the best man and the bridesmaid

Finalize choice of honeymoon destination and make the honeymoon reservation

Make appointment with hairdresser and stylist

2-3 months

Secure reservations for rehearsal dinner

Order the wedding cake

Send the wedding invitations

Purchase wedding favors for all wedding-party members

1 month

Take another look at your registry and finalize details of your wedding ceremony

Discuss bachelorette party plans with your attendants

The day before the wedding

Go to your pedicure/manicure appointment

Have an individual and relaxed massage

Wedding day!

Relax and enjoy yourself!


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